About Us

We believe that in the pursuit of progress, a great many forms of creative self-expression, practical sufficiency, and cultural distinction have been thrown out with the bathwater, metaphorically...and with them the personal pride in accomplishment. 

We also believe that, in light of our current economic and relational climate, there is a longing to return to a simpler, more communal, era and restore time-honored pastimes called DOMESTIC ARTS. 

This nation was established by communities of pioneering families and individuals endowed with a diligent work ethic, inspired creativity, dauntless courage, and a determined tenacity born of a conviction of Divine purpose. 

We believe that children are today's blessings for tomorrow's success; that they possess limitless potential—and desire—to learn; and that they are capable of far more than we tend to accommodate.  Therefore,

OUR MISSION—as we have chosen to accept it—is to reintroduce the crafts and skillful workmanship of by-gone days to a new generation of future family & community leaders; to preserve the wealth of heritage; and to perpetuate a lasting legacy...and in the process, cultivate true inter-relational citizenship and a balanced appreciation for the resources that God has entrusted to us.