Website Launched!!!

Hello and Welcome to children’s institute of culinary and domestic arts!!

Well, it certainly has been a long wait coming, but our c.i.c.a.d.a. website is LIVE!  Granted, it’s just a baseline structure for now, but I’m working feverishly to load it up…with WHAT, you ask? First, a little narrative as to where we are headed; and a list of courses, both now and future, with accompanying description; and an interactive calendar to see when those courses are scheduled and where they will be hosted; and an online registration and payment process; and…whew! let’s not forget to plan some activities & special events for students, friends, and families!

Sometimes the vision is larger than my perceived capacity to execute…but when one is inspired beyond oneself, it simply MUST be pursued! And so, it is with great humility and appreciation for all who have encouraged me, prayed for and with me, and helped keep the vision alive…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

So on that note, I’m setting things in motion with our first activity: Are there ANY PHOTO-BUGS OUT THERE? Currently, the website’s Homepage features one photo of the Cochise Stronghold and the other is an open-stock placeholder. I would like some fabulous home-grown photos of our wonderful Cochise County to replace those placeholders.  I took a photo of the waterfall at Carr Canyon some years ago, but it’s not great…I would LOVE to get a top-notch photo of the monsoon clouds hovering over the spilling falls.   And there are areas of this vast County that just take ones breath away…whew!  All photos accepted to be published on our site will be fully credited, and I’m sure some compensation can be arranged.  I look forward to seeing all of them!

Many blessings,



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